Thursday, April 23, 2009

Niki Cheong: Technology, Food & Journalism

The Star's Assistant Editor for Youth Desk, Niki Cheong was in my college the other day to give a talk on "Technology & Reporting."

Although the talk was very much focused on journalism and technology, we managed to extract a few questions about food journalism and blogs from him.

For one, Cheong admits that food journalism is a niche market in this country, although the culture of makan is very much alive here.

On the other hand, food journalism seems to be able to work really well in blogs. In his words, "blogs are really crazy with food." Yes, we agree with you wholeheartedly, Niki. 

But what set a good food blog apart from the rest, is that the pictures must really look good and entice the readers. Ah, so that's the secret to a really succesful food blog.

That, and make sure you eat good food la for your blog... 


Inspektor Sedap.

P/S: I will post up a review on Klang Bah Kut Teh soon! Keep your eyes peeled. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

100 links to food blogs!

Hi food lovers,

Thought I'd share with you some local food blogs and sites that you can visit when Inspektor Sedap's out of town. :)

Strictly Food Reviews

1. A Lil Fat Monkey- No prize for guessing why this blogger call himself a fat monkey :) Btw, his comic-styled posts are pretty cool.

2. After Giovanni- No this is not a fashion blog. Yes, it’s another food blog my friend.

3. Allie Food Talk- Penang-based foodie loves to eat and blog about it. 

4. Aroma Cookery- A chronicle of holistic food therapy. 

5. Ate Too Much- This blog chronicles a few people's opinions in one review. Nice!

6. Babe In The City KL- Hubby and wife team Cap’n Hook and Babe_KL  share about their culinary adventures in KL.

7. Backstreet Gluttons- Another food review blog by a food glutton. 

8. Bangsar Babe- This pretty babe shares her culinary experience here.

9. Black Tie, White Lie- Another blog about what else.... food!

10. Buzzing Bee- A blog buzzing with food.

11. Cariso Delicacies Corner- Another corner where you can find good food. 

12. Cemenberu- Blogging food from Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. 

13. CokeWorld Citizen- This blogger blogs about food in Penang.

14. Da Wheel of Life and Happiness- Mei Yen blogs about food, what else?

15. Eatinout- Tekko entices the tastebuds with some large pics of food.

16. Eat First Think Later- We agree!

17. Elinluv's Tidbits Corner- Yeah, we all love tidbits. 

18. Food Diary Of Picky Eater- A picky food bloggers shares about her culinary experiences.

19. Food 4 Thot- SC and Chardonnay share their adventures in huting down good food.

20. Food Poi- Instead of one, how about eight people coming together to recommend good food places to you?

21. Foodaholic- The name says it all!

22. Gastronomic Ruminations- Ah, the love of food!

23. Genuiness- Another blogger shares his genuine opinions about food. 

24. Gourmet Garden- Come find some nice food reviews in this garden.

25. His Food Blog- His food blog for everyone who is hungry! 

26. Honey Star- This blogger sure has a sweet tooth. Not that it’s a bad thing. :)

27. Hunger Hunger- Terri's blog about food for those not on a diet. 

28. Ipoh Chai- Another son of Ipoh blogs about food.

29. Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong- This blogger talks about food both in KL and Ipoh.

30. Jackson Kah- Jackson Kah recommends good food.

31. Just Me- ... and lots of food!

32. Kampung Boy City Gal- Kampung Boy and City Gal recommends good food whether in the kampung or in the city.

33. KL People KL Food- Xiu Long Bao recommends good KL food… and now Singapore!

34. Ling239- This blogger also writes in Chinese for those who can read. :)

35. Lots of Craving- Follow “Joe'” who is constantly craving for food.

36. Makan King and Queen- Yes, another royal blog about food!

37. Masak Masak- Boo-licious loves food… and playing masak-masak. :)

38. Memoirs of a Chocoholic- A grumpy and sweet Malaysia chocoholic shares her foodie adventures.

39. Milk Milk- The blogger calls herself Missy Glutton for some reason.

40. Motormouth from Ipoh- A pure ‘unadulterated, uncensored and unfiltered ramblings from a genuine food lover’.

41. My Love My Food- A blogger shares about his love for food.

42.My Story- Ai Wei who ‘lives to eat’ shares about her life stories.

43. New Foodie- Another foodie in the blogosphere?

44. Penang Street Food- Your guide to wonderful Penang Street Food.

45. Penang Tua Pui- There's a reason for this Penangite to have a tua pui, you know.

46. Precious Pea- Precious Pea loves food too!

47. Pure Glutton- Another blogger who is a pure glutton for good food.

48. She, The Epicurious Girl- I like the nickname. And the blog's awesome too. 

49. Shell Food Station- Get your fill of food stuff here, not petrol.

50. Shiok Or Not- You will sure get shiok one from reading this food blog!

51. Simon Says- To eat or not to eat, that is the question.

52. Skinnier Than The Original- A foodie with a soft spot for desserts.

53. Small Potatoes Make The Steak Look Bigger- So says this food blogger. 

54. So Much Food, So Little Stomach- We also agree!

55. Spare Change- Have spare change, will eat.

56. Sugar Bean- I think this blogger really loves Japanese food.

57. Tan Kiasu- Well, he’s not kiasu enough to share about good food haunts.

58. The Nomad Gourmand- This blogger loves to travel for food.

59. The Taste is TheRe- This ‘Fishball’ is addicted to food hunting.

60. Three Meals- Three Meals a day keeps the hunger away.

61. Timeless Facade- Everything else is a facade, only good food is a reality.

62. Tummy Thoz- If only tummies could think, they would pen them on this blog.

63. Wai Sik Kai- A look at Malaysia food through the eyes of Malaysians.

64. What to See Online- CK Lam has some nice photos of food in this blog too.

65. Witch's Venting Burrow- This witch loves to go hunting for food haunts. 

FoodReviews, Recipes & Restaurant Promotions  

66. Go Eat Out- If you’re looking for a place to eat out or some food promotions, make sure you stop by this site.

Food Reviews and Recipes

67. Asian Food Recipes- A collection of all kinds of Asian food.

68. Big Boys Oven- Apart from food reviews, they also take orders for oven cakes. Yum!

69. Fat Boy Recipes- You can have your cake and eat it too, so says this blog.

70. Jen Cool Cook- This Batu Pahat girl loves to eat. 

71. Ling Zie's Tummy Treats- Ling Zie’s guide to Penang food and more.

72. Mimi's Dining Room- Come in and she what's served in her dining room.

73. Penang Faces- Chan Lilian shares about great Penang food and also some mouth-watering recipes.

74. Rasa Malaysia- Your source for wonderful Asian recipes.

75. Selby's Food Corner- This blogger has some really nice shots of food here. 

76. Tham Jiak- Rokh loves to eat and has a passion for cooking too!

77. Yan Cuisine- If Yan can cook, so can YOU!

Food Reviews Amongst Other Things

78. 24 Hour Mom- 24-Hour Mom shares about awesome home-cooked meals amongst other thing in her life.

79. A Whiff of Lemongrass- Lyrical Lemongrass talks about Food, Family & Friends.

80. Backpacker Momma Quest for Halal Food- This cool mom searchers for Halal food from the heart.

81. Brought Up To Share- Christine shares about food and everything else.

82. Cavalock- A traveller and a foodie maketh a good blogger.

83. Chubby Hubby- A chubby hubby shares his culinary adventures in this blog.

84. Criz Bon Appetit- This food lover also has a thing for cats and anime.

85. Cumi dan Cuki- A Malaysian food blog and lots more.

86. Dine and Health- This blogger not only blogs about food, but also about taking care of one's health. 

87. Eating Asia- Dave Hagerman travels around Asia for the best food.

88. Food.Arts.Travel- WMW blogs about food, arts and travel.

89. Food Cookies- Dwayne Foong has a thing for cookies.

90. Gastronomic Diary- A stingy student blogs about living (and eating) on a shoestring budget.

91. Have Food Will Travel- Now, that's a good philosophy.

92. KY Eats- This blogger talks about food amongst other fascinating stuff.

93. Le Couple Toy- It's all about having fun. Oh, and eating too.

94. Life For Beginners- Kenny Mah has a really impressive set of photos here.... besides the one about food, that is.

95. Makan Kings- All hail the Makan Kings!

96. Look for some of the best recipes, food and travel stuff here.

97. Rambling Moo- Angeleyes is a full-time moomie who finds time to blog about food and her family, especially her cute son, Darrius.

98. Ujun- This foodie claims to eat like a Malaysian, shop like a Singaporean, and swear like an Australian. Wow.

99. V Keong- V Keong blogs about food and travel.

100. Yammylicious- Good food, good life? Yeah!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Eating in KL

Eating-in-KL is another foodie blog among the plethora of blogs already floating in the wide sea of the Internet.

However, that does not mean that you cannot find some good recommendations for places to eat here. 

We here would like to share with you some of the best things you can find to eat in the wonderful city of KL and the Klang Valley.

Well, this blogger occassionally goes food-hunting out of town as well- which I hope, augurs more good news for you!

So sit back, relax, and let Inspektor Sedap scour the town for the best grubs for you. :)